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Published: 07 May, 2014

Biomedicine programmes receive highest evaluation marks

NEWS The bachelor’s programme in biomedicine at Umeå University is Sweden’s top undergraduate programme in biomedicine. The one and two-year master's degrees in biomedicine have also received the highest evaluation of “very high quality” by the Swedish Higher Education Authority.

Of the 21 degree programmes in biomedicine and related areas, only Umeå University received the highest evaluation for all three programmes. Of a total of seven degrees at the bachelor level in Sweden, Umeå University was the only one who achieved the highest evaluation.

“We are very happy and proud,” says Anna Arnqvist, chairman of the biomedicine programme committee. “We have consistently worked with quality during a longer period of time and this recognition demonstrates that we have done a good job.”

The two-year master´s programme received the highest evaluation for all six evaluated objective areas. The one-year master's programme had five out of six objective areas with highest possible rating, and the bachelor’s received the highest marks in three of five areas.

“Most teachers are active researchers which mean they have a high level of subject expertise at both the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in biomedicine,” says Ulrich von Pawel-Rammingen, programme director. “Teachers are interested in the educational development and participate actively to improve and introduce new elements in teaching and examination.”

Biomedicine is about the human body's basic biological mechanisms that explain how the body's cells and tissues work and why it sometimes goes wrong and diseases occur. The degree programmes in biomedicine involve a great scientific focus and prepare its students for a career in research. Six departments at Umeå University are involved in teaching these programmers.

For further information please contact:

Anna Arnqvist, chairman of the biomedicine programme committeePhone: +46 70 636 99 83

Ulrich von Pawel-Rammingen, programme directorPhone: +46 90 785 08 08

Editor: Mattias Grundström Mitz