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Published: 20 Jun, 2018


NEWS Sunday 18 November at 14:00, Communitas will open at Bildmuseet. The exhibition include visionary ideas and methods formulated by artists and architects with the idea to create better future cities.

Welcome to the press preview on Thursday 15 November at 10am. The argentinian artist Mauricio Corbalan will be present. At the opening of the exhibition on Sunday 18 November at 2pm, artist Jordi Colomer and architect Kirstie Smeaton will also be present.

Umeå is currently undergoing major changes. New buildings crop up and 2014 the city will host the European Capital of Culture. How can we relate to the changing city and how can we find the tools that make it ours? The exhibition Communitas opens the discussion about what kind of cities we want to live in.

Communitas presents some of the ideas and methods that are being elaborated around the world in order to create better cities. The exhibition provides examples of artists and architects visionary ideas about possible urban futures. Included are experimental strategies, playful interactions along with an openness towards untried and innovative approaches formulated for the city and its inhabitants.

The word Communitas is Latin and refers to a society where people are equal, or to the very spirit of community.

The artists and architects involved in the exhibition are Baupiloten (Germany) Jimenez Lai (USA), Jordi Colomer (Spain), Listen to the City (Korea), (Germany, Netherlands, UK), m7red (Argentina), Royce Ng (Australia), PKMN (Spain) and Rakett (Norway).

Communitas stays open until 10 February 2013. During the exhibition a number of workshops and lectures related to the exhibitions’ theme will be organised. Please keep an eye on our website for further information.

For further information, please contact

Cecilia Andersson, curator Bildmuseet

090-786 6684, 072-223 8671

Editor: Helena Vejbrink