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Published: 2006-01-17

Designing for emotional expression

NEWS It is possible to express feelings by using colour and form in an sms. That is Anna Ståhl’s concludes in her PhD research.Anna Ståhl is the first doctoral student at the Umeå Institute of Design. This week she will present her licentiate thesis.

Anna Ståhl has created and studied the usage of the mobile service eMoto. She has looked in to how the interface could be designed to make it easier for people to express their feelings. She found that the users who tried out the service developed an own “languange” for communication while using the service. They also thought that eMoto brought a new dimension to text messaging. The results show that it is possible to express feelings by adding colour, form and animation to an sms.

A design process described in detail by studying the usage of the service have resulted in general outline for design in this area. The studies have resulted in information that can be used to guide and inspire other designers, who work with mobile services and emotional communication.

Anna Ståhl has studied at the Umeå Institute of Design and holds a master degree in interaction design. She carries out her dissertation co-opeating with Sics (Swedish Institute of Computer Science), where she also is employed. Sics is doing research within computer science and co-operates closely with industry. The licentiate work is mainly a result of a project concerning mobile services for the future called Mobile Life.

Anna Ståhl will defend her licantiate thesis Designing for Emotional Expressivity on Thursday January 19 at 13.00 at the Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University. Opponents are Mikael Wiberg (Informatics, Umeå University), Kristoffer Åberg (SonyEricsson), Daniel Fällman (IDL, Interaction Design Lab, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University).

For more information or interview, please contact Anna Ståhl tel. 070-653 07 20 or email annas@sics.se.

Editor: Karin Hertz