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Published: 2023-02-07

Developing teachers using didactic dilemmas in teaching

NEWS Two teachers at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics have participated in the course "Didactics for University Teachers" in autumn 2022.

"With didactics we get a common language and can more easily discuss what we want to achieve with a learning environment," says Anders Rebbling.

Anders also says that the knowledge gained from the course can help the participating teachers to gain a new approach to learning and provide inspiration on how to relate to learning.

During the course, participants had the opportunity to discuss ideas and problems and gain insights from several different disciplines, which can contribute to new learning. Participants also experienced what it was like to be a student and find themselves in situations where, for example, insufficient information was given to complete a task successfully.

Inspired by the textbook "Didactic Dialogue in Higher Education" (Levinsson 2021), the course participants were asked to present each their own didactic dilemma from their own teaching practice.

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