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Published: 2019-12-16

Discussions on sustainability, health and ecosystems at UAF2019

NEWS The Umeå Arctic Forum aims to discuss issues that are relevant to the Arctic area in Sweden, i.e. Västerbotten, Norrbotten and the mountain chain. This year's edition offered a versatile discussions on subjects raising from e-health to changing society's consumption patterns in relation to sustainability and infrastructure.

Text: Anngelica Kristoferqvist

First up was the municipal council of Umeå municipality Janet Ågren and vice rector of Umeå university Dieter Müller, the latter also chairman of Arcum, who welcomed participants to this year's forum.


Sara Winqvist from region Västerbotten and Madeleine Blusi, research coordinator for E-health at Umeå University, discussed the future of healthcare in the north by showing on the current project and strategies in regards to an elderly population in sparsely populated areas.




Three representatives from the CIRC (Climate Impacts Research Center) and the Sami parliament's previous chairman Sara Larsson talked about the Arctic wildlife and ecosystems and the challenges they are facing.

The lunch break offered a mingle with interesting discussions and chicken wraps.



Last out for days was Jonas Westin from CERUM (Center for Regional Science), Annika Nordlund research leader for the Transport Research Unit and associate professor of psychology as well as the author Arne Müller. They talked about sustainable infrastructure and logistics in northern Sweden and how precive development from different points of view.


The forum was closed by Arcum's director Peter Sköld.

UAF 2019

Dieter Müller
Professor, other position
Madeleine Blusi
Other position, associate professor, combined with clinical employment
Jonas Westin
Research fellow, associate professor
Annika Nordlund
Associate professor