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Published: 2020-09-08

Enters the assignment with great commitment

NEWS To bring in more interesting projects and to help doctoral students thrive at the Industrial Doctoral School, IDS. Charlotta Sundin sees this as her most important task within her new position as coordinator at Umeå University’s IDS.

Text: Ingrid Söderbergh

“I am really excited! I hope and believe I’ll be able to use my background, both from academia and the industry, to contribute to the development of IDS,” says Charlotta Sundin.

She was born and raised in Luleå and moved to Umeå to study the molecular biology Master’s programme. After a turn at Uppsala University she moved back to Umeå for her PhD and her thesis is about understanding systems used by bacteria to cause disease.

“After the thesis defence I spent nine years working at the biotech company Creative Antibiotics here in Umeå, where we developed substances to prevent the ability of bacteria to cause disease. That work was closely linked to the research I carried out as a doctoral student.

In addition to her assignment with IDS, Charlotta Sundin works in a research group at the Department of Chemistry where they develop and study molecules that can block disease-causing systems in bacteria.

“I knew a lot about IDS before I applied for the position, but it was only when I saw that a new coordinator was needed that I read more and understood the breadth of it and what benefit it provides for both academia and industry.

Charlotta Sundin started in her new position on 1 May and is working part-time. She sees it as a challenge to take over from Benkt Wiklund, who has been involved in shaping IDS from the start, but she hopes to be able to manage this in a good way and that she will be able to contribute to the school’s development with her background.

“What appeals to me about the assignment is being able to contribute to collaboration between academia and external parties and the new innovations that emerge from these collaborations. I would like to see more PhDs make it out to work spaces outside of academia because I believe that their knowledge can benefit the development in many workplaces.

As a coordinator, what work has top priority?

“In these times, what with the Corona pandemic, it’s sorting out all the classes that the doctoral students have missed. But then I hope to work in an outwardly capacity to reach more potential applicants for the PhD program through IDS.”

What are IDS’ greatest challenges in the coming years?

“To attract private industries to increase their collaboration with academia.


Quick facts

Name: Charlotta Sundin
Family: Partner and two children, nine and five years old
Lives in: A house in Tavleliden
Why molecular biology is so much fun: Understanding the smallest parts that give life
Myself in three words: Committed, curious, and caring
Interests: Spend time with my family, preferably in the slalom slopes or traveling. Likes participating in almost any typ of sport involving a ball
Reading: Nothing at the moment as I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I hope to make some time this summer.
Watching: I think “Trädgårdstider” is a lot of fun, maybe because we’re trying to get our own garden under control
Doing this summer: Hopefully, hiking in the mountains
The best thing about IDS: A way for university research to contribute to the advancement of society.