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Published: 29 Sep, 2021

Exchange student rewarded for limestone project

NEWS Exchange student Leane van Dijk from the Netherlands did her graduation project about limestone at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University. Now she has received an award for Best student project of the year at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Text: Anna-Lena Lindskog

“I was really surprised, because I never thought that it was even possible that I would win such a prize” she says. “But it is such an honour!”

Leane van Dijk has just graduated from the programme Applied Science, track Science and Technology, at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. She has now started her pre-master studies for a master’s in chemical engineering and process technology.

She did her graduation internship project in Sweden through the ERASMUS exchange programme. She spent 7,5 months at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, supervised by researchers Markus Broström, Karin Sandström and Matias Eriksson.

Leane's supervisor Karin Sandström is a doctoral student at the Industrial Doctoral School in a collaborative project together with Nordkalk AB, SMA Mineral AB, Cementa AB and the Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association. Karin's research project aims, among other things, to clarify the effects of new environmentally friendly fuels on product burnt lime, and Leane has contributed important pieces of the puzzle. The companies also collaborate within the Center for Sustainable Production of Cement and Quicklime at Umeå University.

”My project was about limestone” says Leane van Dijk. “I looked at the interface reactions between ash from biofuels and limestone.”

When limestone is heated quicklime is formed. The limestone is during this heating process in direct contact with the ash of the fuel. Leane looked at if the ash from biofuels affects the product quality of the quicklime. She tested three different biomasses and concluded that the ash of the biomasses infiltrates the interface of the quicklime during the heating process affecting the microstructure of the quicklime.

The prize she received is awarded annually for best graduation performance and given in cooperatin with the company Vertex Dental BV. The prize is 500 euros.

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