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Published: 2022-03-24

External evaluation of handling misconduct to be presented

NEWS The external reviewer Karin Röding is investigating Umeå University’s handling of misconduct. On 8 April, she will be presenting her results and proposed measures as well as answer questions on Campus Umeå.

Text: Johanna Fredriksson

Karin Röding’s investigation is a part of the University’s work to improve how the University handles and prevents cases of harassment, sexual harassment and psychological harassment. Since early February, she has performed nearly 60 interviews with people in managerial positions as well as staff and students at Umeå University. She has also scrutinised policy documents and looked at systematic work and structures. The investigation aims to highlight what can improve the safety and culture at the University. This, however, does not include reassessing previously made decisions regarding individual students or employees.

Karin Röding will compile the investigation in a report, which is to be delivered to the Vice-Chancellor in early April. This report will also be made available online for everyone to read.

Events on campus

All students and staff are invited to a presentation of the report on 8 April at 11:00–12:15 in Rotundan in Universum on Campus Umeå. At this event, Karin Röding will present the results and proposed measures, and answer questions from students and staff. The report contains about 30 proposals for forward-oriented measures and improvements.

“Umeå University is a big education provider and employer, and both of these perspectives must permeate how the University Management actively shows where to draw the line when it comes to unacceptable behaviour,” says Karin Röding.

Docent and Associate Professor Karolina Broman at the Department of Science and Mathematics Education at Umeå University will moderate discussions. The event can be viewed on live.umu.se – and questions can also be asked online. 

First step

The investigation and report are a first step in the work of investigating the University’s handling of misconduct. Once the Vice-Chancellor has received the report, work will commence to decide what measures to take next.

“A safe environment for work and studies is important for everyone at Umeå University. Our hopes and desires are that Karin Röding’s report will be one step in the work towards strengthening the University’s work environment activities and lead to a culture that supports zero tolerance against discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and psychological harassment,” says Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson.

The report is called “Umeå University’s handling of misconduct – 32 proposals for future improvements” and will be made available on the pages For a safer workplace.

Karin Röding

Karin Röding has a long and broad background in the Swedish higher education system. Some of her qualifications come from several years in leading positions at several universities in Sweden, work as Deputy Director-General and Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education and Research, and Director-General of the Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR.

Since autumn 2020, she has conducted various types of investigations in the higher education sector.

Portrait of Karin Röding.