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Published: 2023-05-22

Familia - a new search tool for genealogists

NEWS The search tool INDIKO, widely used by genealogists and others, is now replaced by a new one - Familia.

Text: Karin Johansson

With INDIKO it has been possible to search for information about individuals in the Swedish historical parish records, and to follow them and their families over time and generations. The tool, which was created and developed at the Demographic Database (DDB) at Umeå University, was launched in May 2004 and will now, after almost exactly 19 years, be replaced by a new one - Familia.

Roger Lund works as a system developer at DDB in Haparanda and has been involved since the work with INDIKO started. He says that during its 19 years INDIKO has been used and appreciated mainly by genealogists, but also by researchers and in education. Now that the new tool Familia has been created and is to be launched, Roger is one of the people responsible for this work.
– We want to increase interest in genealogy and especially in the incredible material - parish records. And that's where a new search tool can help, he says.
On May 16, Familia will be launched, which is more user-friendly while also containing more processed data. With Familia, users can go directly to search opportunities without having to download any software. It is completely free of charge and users can search and browse the material without registering.
Lena Karlsson, Director of the Centre for demographic and ageing research (CEDAR) (to which DDB belongs), is looking forward to the launch of Familia.

– It is very exciting. Familia will provide greater access to the information contained in the parish records, which we hope more people will discover.

Familia is now launched and free to use via the web site Familia