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Published: 29 Apr, 2013

Felice Varini / Nine Archs Dancing

NEWS Felice Varini has attracted international attention with his paintings in public places, including France, Japan, UK and USA. Now he presented for the first time in Sweden.

For Bildmuseet the artist has created Nine Arcs Dancing, a site-specific work on the entrance floor of the museum building. It consists of nine red arcs, each of which is based on and ties together points in the architecture. The work emphasises the movement, the activity, the variability and the variation of the light in the room.

Welcome to the press preview Thursday 16 May at 10:00. Felice Varini / Nine Archs Dancing opens at Bildmuseet on Sunday 19 May at 14:00. The artist gives a presentation. 

Felice Varini considers architecture and space as the starting point for creating his site-specific paintings on walls, ceilings and façades. The motives are abstract geometrical shapes in large formats and bright colours, which initially may be difficult to discover. Unless viewed from a specific point, his work may appear as fragments, as broken fields of colour, difficult to interpret and seemingly scattered. But when moving about, surrounded by the fragments, suddenly the viewer can detect the specific point of view from where the painting is experienced
as a coherent, freely floating form.

At the moment when the connection is clear, one can experience this as the real meaning of the work, a meaning created by the viewer’s coordinating gaze. The artist himself emphasies however that the viewer’s discovery of precisely this connection does not exhaust the aesthetic significance of the work. On the contrary it may function as a point of departure for a new exploration of the different parts of the painting.

Regardless how Felice Varini’s works are observed, they exist as entities – as coherent shapes as well as in fragments, viewed from any number of different angles.

Felice Varini, born in 1952 in Locarno and living in Paris, has attracted international attention with his works in public spaces, e.g. in France, England, Japan and USA. He is now presented for the first time in Sweden.
In May 2013 Felice Varini also inaugurated a new work for the King’s Cross area in London and another work for the town of Salon-de-Provence in Southern France.

More examples of works by Felice Varini can be seen on his

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