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Published: 2023-01-16

Groundwork behind Aula Nordica has begun

NEWS In the next ten weeks, parts of the rock base behind Aula Nordica will be removed in preparation for the construction of a new building to house examination halls, teaching premises and self-study. This groundwork may lead to unusual noise on campus, and will also impact accessibility around the building site.

Text: Anja Axelsson

Building work of our latest addition to buildings on campus is now in full progress. This building will house exam halls, teaching premises and self-study places, but will also cater for meetings, house offices and offer a café.

Since December 2022, groundwork has taken place to kickstart the project and the area has been fenced off. Construction now affects accessibility on the walkway and cycle path from the Aula Nordica entrance towards Gösta Skoglunds väg.

Work to remove the rock base will involve blasting and drilling, which will be audible throughout Campus Umeå. Rock blasting effects will be small and may be perceived as a muffled bang, and is always preceded by a warning signal. This will take place no more than three times per day.

Construction of the new building is estimated to take 24 months and the building be ready for use in spring 2025.