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Published: 2023-10-24

Information in case of concern about local and global security

NEWS There is a lot happening in our surroundings, both nationally and internationally, and it is natural to feel concerned. The University’s security team assesses that all Umeå University’s campuses are safe. Despite this, support is available for students who are concerned.

Text: Maja Wik

If you feel worried about events happening in Sweden or internationally, it can be good to know that you can always turn to the Student Health Service.

The University’s security team continues to assess that all Umeå University’s campuses are safe and secure for students, employees, and others visiting or working here.

Also, please keep in mind:

  • Report any unusual behaviour to the campus security officers by phone: +46 90-786 76 00. In the case of a serious incident, always call 112.
  • Useful information can be found on the page If something happens.
  • The likelihood of a deadly violent attack occurring at Umeå University is assessed as low, but the consequences could be very serious. For that reason, it is important that you are prepared. In summary, the procedures consist of three steps: run, hide, and tell.
  • More information about the current terror threat levels in Sweden can be found on the website of the Swedish Security Service.