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Student Health Service

Welcome to the Student Health Service! These pages provide tips on how to take care of your physical and mental health during your studies. You can get supportive counselling, health advice and take part in our courses, workshops and lectures. You can also get free testing of chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV. You can contact us by phone or visit us at drop-in to social consellor and nurse.

Contact or visit us, our calendar and information if you fall ill

Visit or contact the Student Health Services

Visit or contact us for counselling and advice. Our drop in and phone hours are manned during term time.

Student Health Service calendar spring 2023

Take a look at our scheduled lectures, groups and other events.

If you fall ill and cannot study

You can be eligible for sickness allowance and your student finance may be affected. Find out more.

What is and does the Student Health Service!

You can turn to the Student Health Service for help if you feel stressed, worried, depressed, or have questions about personal relationships. It may also be about your alcohol or tobacco habits, that you have difficulty sleeping or anything else that concerns your health.

At the Student Health Service, social counsellors, nurses, psychologists, a physiotherapist and a public health planner work. All our services are free of charge and we have a professional obligation of confidentiality.

If you have a disability and wish to apply för support, please read more on Study with disabilities.

Read and learn more!

These pages contain heaps of information and tools to help you feel better during your studies.
Worry and anxiety

Anxiety is uncomfortable, but harmless. There are things you can do to learn to deal with your anxiety.

Stress and recovery

It is common to feel stressed when handling the challenges of student life.


Do you tend to put things off which causes problems ahead? Here’s some advice on how to change things around.

Physical activity and mental health

Physical activity is good for your body – and certainly affects your mental health positively.


Your body and brain need sleep to recover and process experiences.

Sexuality and health

Sexuality should be driven by desire and be free from prejudice, force and violence.

Food and meals

Food and meals are a natural part of life and a necessity for good health.


Here you can find tips for a healthy physical and mental work environment during screen work.

Latest update: 2023-01-09