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Student Health Service

Welcome to the Student Health Service! We can help you with questions concerning your health and your academic studies. We offer counselling and health advice. You can also come to us to get tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV. On these pages, we have also collected tips for your health and lifestyle.

You can turn to the Student Health Service for help if you feel stressed, worried, depressed, or have questions about personal relationships. It may also be about your alcohol or tobacco habits, that you have difficulty sleeping or anything else that concerns your health.

At the Student Health Service, social counsellors, nurses, a physiotherapist and a public health planner work. All our services are free of charge and we have a professional obligation of confidentiality.


The Student Health Service closed during summer

The Student Health Service has closed telefone advice and drop in for summer. We open again 12 August. If you need health care advice 24 hours a day, call 1177.