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Published: 24 Jun, 2021

International guest lectures in Developmental Psychology during the autumn semester

NEWS Three international lecturers in the respective areas Attachment, Applied Developmental Psychology and Motor and Perceptual Development have been invited to the Department of Psychology to hold seminars and guest lectures at courses during the autumn semester.

Funding for internationalization from the Faculty of Social Science awarded to the Department profile area “Development across the lifespan” has made possible the invitation of three international lecturers. In digital format, they will each give a presentation within the seminar series at the Department of Psychology, and a lecture at one of the respective courses in Developmental Psychology given during the autumn semester 2021.


Professor Antonia Bifulco from Middlesex University, London, UK, previously held a seminar in June on attachment and the method Attachment Style Interview (ASI). In September, she will return to give a lecture on research in attachment during adolescence at the advanced course in Developmental Psychology, The Human Being from a Developmental Perspective.

Applied Developmental Psychology

Dr Ross Greene, US, founder of the method Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), will hold a seminar and a lecture about his work with CPS in the care of children with challenging behavior. The lecture will be given in October at the special course in applied Developmental Psychology given for senior students at the Psychology programs.

Motor and Perceptual Development

Professor Daniela Corbetta, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, US, will hold a research seminar and a lecture on the topic “Motor and perceptual development in infants/dynamic systems perspective”. The lecture will be given at the basic course in Developmental Psychology in November.