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Published: 2024-02-20

Large Language Models (LLM) for efficient data management – new summer course!

NEWS Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and Large Language Models. But can this technology be used, for example, to streamline a work process or the value of a stock portfolio? This summer, IT specialists and students will have the opportunity to dive deep into the field. "We will explore the models' neural networks, their components, processes and workflow," says Michael Minock, Associate Professor at Umeå University.

The arrival of Chat GPT took the world by storm. Finally, there was a system that we could actually 'talk' to! Major language models then began to be applied in several different projects worldwide. But how can a Swedish company utilise and integrate the technology into its systems? Michael Minock, Associate Professor at the Department of Computing Science, will share this knowledge. His research and teaching interests include AI, natural language interfaces, knowledge representation and databases.

When large models meet databases

"Large Language Models (LLMs) in Data Management", as the course is called, is a unique course that meets a competence need. The aim is to create an understanding of how the new technology works and what happens when large language models meet databases.
If you join the course, you will learn how LLM works, what happens when it meets your own data assets and how you can use LLM to solve data management problems. "We simply take a deep dive into neural networks, their components, processes and workflow," says Michael Minock.

The summer course is intended for IT specialists, programmers and IT managers as well as students, with the appropriate qualifications. It is held in English via Zoom, which allows you to study wherever you are.

Read more about the course "Large Language Models (LLMs) in Data Management" and register here, no later than 15 March.

Maximizing the benefits of LLM

The main focus is dynamic facts - such as weather data, the value of a stock portfolio, or the intricate details of an ongoing business deal or work process.
"Can the technology underlying big language models be used to help you get an overview of your data, answer questions or calculate results? And can LLM be used to help integrate databases? "We look beyond the hype and ask how we can maximize the benefits of LLMs in data management," says Michael Minock.

Develop your expertise

Those who take the course will be able to build and solve machine learning problems, set up and run machine learning models, and link language models to databases. "A summer course may not provide full answers but a basic understanding. You will develop an expertise in the field. This technology will have a profound effect on the economy and society, so it's important to keep up," says Michael Minock.

Michael Minock
Associate professor