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Published: 25 Sep, 2020

Minor Field Studies - write your thesis abroad with scholarship!

NEWS Minor Field Studies is a scholarship that makes it possible for students in your higher education to carry out your degree project. It your applications is granted, you will receive SEK 27 000 to travel to a low- or middle-income country to collect material for your thesis or degree project.

Text: Elizabet Westerlund

If you are a student at the end of your higher education (regardless of field) you can apply for a Minor Field Studies scholarship (MFS). The scholarship of SEK 27,000 gives you the opportunity to travel to a low- or middle-income country to collect material for your thesis or degree project. The field study should last between 8 and 26 weeks. Last day to apply for a scholarships is 15 November. 


During October we will launch two webinars where you can listen to inspiring stories from students who previously has received the MFS scolarship and also get information about MFS. 

Please observe that right now we can only make preliminary decisions about the MFS applications. This means that if you are qualified for the scholarship and the situation with Covid-19 changes for the better you might be able to receive the scholarship.   

You can find more information about Minor Field studies on our website: