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Published: 20 Apr, 2021 Updated: 17 Jun, 2021, 11:09

Sarandra’s mid-seminar on fall prevention for the elderly

NEWS Saranda Bajraktarid, a PhD Student at the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University, to hold her mid-seminar on 21 April. This signifies her reaching the halfway point of the research plan set up with the supervisors at the beginning of the programme.

Text: Ingrid Söderbergh

“I'm slightly nervous, but I’m extremely excited. The mid-seminar is where you check how things are going and what kind of help and support you will need going forward in order to complete the programme in the best way possible”, says Saranda Bajraktarid, PhD student at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University.

Saranda's project researches fall prevention for the elderly. The aim is to expand the knowledge base needed to implement health-promoting measures and preventive measures for the elderly.

The app “Säkra steg” (Safe Steps) is a mobile training program designed to prevent falls among the elderly through balance and strength training. The app was developed in collaboration with seniors over 70 years of age and researchers at Umeå University and has been successfully tested, but they still need to study the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the app, and find appropriate implementation strategies to determine how feasibly it can reach older people.

Saranda Bajraktarid has so far planned and completed a large study in Östersund that required great cooperation and commitment from many actors in the municipality and the supervisors. And on top of that she has also published her first scientific study.

“My external partner is Östersund Municipality and the collaboration has been a great success. The municipality is very involved and has been committed and cooperative throughout the study.

What is it like being a PhD student at the Industrial Doctoral School for Research and Innovation?

“It's a really exciting environment to be in. As it is part of the Industrial Doctoral School, the programme is also very practical considering all the courses included. And we are also a group of PhD students from different fields, which gives you insight into how research is done in other subjects."

Saranda Bajraktarid’s mentor and assistant supervisor at Östersund Municipality is Magnus Zingmark. Marlene Sandlund, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation is the supervisor at Umeå University. 

For more information, please contact:

Saranda Bajraktari
Doctoral student