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Published: 2020-10-13

Need for protection of endangered raptors migration routes

NEWS Part two of the survey of red-listed thermal migrants' concentrations in the four Fennoscandian countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, which focuses on raptors, is published today.

As a requested follow-up to a recently published report on concentrations of endangered thermally migratory birds in Fennoscandia, a complete compilation of the total raptor migration is now presented, also funded by the Marie-Claire Cronstedt Foundation.

The report, which is hereby published, refers to the behavior of all regularly occurring raptors during migration in the four countries. The calculations are made by thousands of non-profit specialist ornithologists/stretch counter, and reported to national databases. The reports span over the last 89 years (1930–2019). The analyzes are based on locally specific aggregate totals of all raptors and sums for each species separately. Notes for spring and autumn are reported separately.

The 73 specially made maps confirm that the raptors regularly and persistently follow certain general migration routes through Fennoscandia. The results from this compilation confirm that the previously identified bottlenecks (for nine endangered species of raptors, white storks and cranes) are also used by other raptors. A tenth bottleneck across the Kattegat via Anholt to the Halland coast has also been identified. During the work, it has emerged that all raptors, except the kestrel, are red-listed from a Fennoscandian perspective.

Overall, the results reinforce the urgent need to continue to include raptors migration routes in the physical planning by protecting the bottlenecks. The fact that the bottlenecks are used by the more experienced, reproductive, part of the raptors populations is a very important reason to leave these landscape sections free from disturbingly high structures such as wind turbines and power lines.

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