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Published: 2020-04-14

New article on indigenous diplomacy published

NEWS In the middle of March the article 'Disrupting Assimilationist Research Principles and Practices in Australia and Sweden: Self-Determination through the Enactment of Indigenous Diplomacies' was published, in a collaboration with Arcum-affiliated Kristina Sehlin MacNeil and Sheelagh Daniel-Mayes.

Text: Oscar Sedholm

During the autumn semester of 2019 Sheelagh Daniel-Mayes was guest researcher at Umeå University, at Várdduo. Now she and the Umeå based researcher Kristina Sehlin MacNeil have published an article on indigenous diplomacy in Sweden and Australia in Diversity in International Relations, Volume XXI, Number 1. In the article they describe six different cases where indigenous peoples have practiced diplomacy to gain more influence en self-determination, and how indigenous diplomatic practices until recently have been rarely recognized.

You can find the complete article here.