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Published: 13 Apr, 2022

New digital platform to promote energy-efficient renovations

NEWS AURORAL is an EU Horizon 2020-funded project that aims to implement a common, open digital platform for various services and functions in Europe, with a particular focus on sparsely populated areas.

The work at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics (TFE), is conducted as Pilot Västerbotten, with the goal to create a service that facilitates cost-effective renovation of buildings with energy efficiency being in focus. By creating a model based on data from several sources (e.g. the Swedish Energy Agency, Boverket and SMHI), homeowners and other stakeholders can compare their energy consumption, and get advice on optimal renovation solutions. The platform also contributes with an interface between property owners, construction companies, municipalities and other authorities.

The AURORAL project team at TFE organised a workshop for stakeholders in the region at the end of March. The aim was to engage municipalities, local construction companies and energy advisors early in the development of the platform to identify, mainly, potentials and opportunities but also risks and barriers. The discussions highlighted the importance of digital platforms and the potential for improvement in energy efficiency by connecting different stakeholders and providing contact and communication spaces. Several areas were discussed, including the importance of showcasing the good practices, user-friendliness, credibility and legal aspects. Many of the ideas and suggestions will be taken into account in the work to develop the model.

The ambition of AURORAL is to contribute to economic growth, create jobs, find solutions to key societal challenges, bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas, increase connectivity, digitisation, and promote digital independence. For more information see the project website.