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Published: 2014-02-12

New solutions for simulation based development

NEWS The biggest potential for innovation occurs in the very early stages of development where new ideas and concepts are shaped. Solutions for increased use of simulation in these stages was on the topic of workshop in the Simovate project held at UMIT Research Lab on January 23.

30 academic and industry researches and engineers met at the workshop for interchange of results in project Simovate adressing the software and R&D work methods in vehicle, machine and processing industries.

Presentations were mixed with live demos and poster sessions showing new solutions for interconnecting different simulation tools into realtime simulators of complex mechanical systems with operator in the loop. Use of simulation in a number of development projects was presented, including design and control of mining vehicles, trucks, forest machines and iron ore pelletization plant. Further results include distributing the software over the web, hierarchical modeling and making easy-to-use tools and interfaces for users that are not primarily experts computational methods.

A video illustrating the challenge addressed by the Simovate consortium

The project is a stage-2 project in VINNOVAs program Challenge-driven Innovation ('Utmaningsdriven innovation running 2012-09 to 2014-09.')

Participating organisations, besides UMIT Research Lab at Umeå University, are Algoryx Simulation, Atlas Copco, Enmesh, Linköpings University (PELAB), LKAB, Modelon, Optimation, Oryx Simulations, SKF, Skogforsk, Svea Teknik, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks.

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