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Published: 21 Mar, 2019

Nominate to the USBE Pedagogical Prize 2019

NEWS Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) annually awards a pedagogical prize. The purpose is to encourage good educational efforts of our teachers and to stimulate pedagogical development at the school.

The prize sum is 20 000 SEK (gross) and can be awarded an individual teacher or a team of teachers in the form of a scholarship that can be used for conferences, study visits or similar purposes. The pedagogical prize will be awarded at the USBE Graduation Ceremony June 5th.

To be nominated, a teacher or a team of teachers should, in a way that you find worth acknowledging, have contributed to the overall goal with USBE educational activities, to provide a high-quality adaptive learning environment, which on a solid scientific basis stimulates professional independent thinking, and thereby prepare our students for future challenges.

More specifically, the pedagogical accomplishment could, for instance, imply that the teacher or the team of teachers, through the educational activities has:

  • clarified and strengthened the scientific base of our education
  • introduced instances of cooperation with the surrounding community which have contributed to student learning and to the accomplishment of course objectives
  • created an understanding of international perspectives by taking advantage of the international composition of the student group
  • contributed to the students' own responsibility for, and active role in, the process of learning
  • contributed to student awareness of global challenges as expressed in the SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda

Employees and students at USBE (program and course students) are invited to nominate teachers or team of teachers to the USBE pedagogical prize. Your nomination should contain motives that explicitly relate to this announcement and be submitted via this link no later than Friday April 5, 13:00:

Nominate to the USBE Pedagogical Prize 2019

Nominations will be assessed by the Committee for Teaching and Learning, which will provide a suggestion to the USBE dean who makes the decision of the 2019 pedagogical prize.