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Published: 17 Dec, 2015

Partnership agreement and competence center strengthens cooperation with Volvo GTO

NEWS Volvo has inaugurated the Group's competence center at the factory in Umeå and a partnership agreement has been signed with Umeå University for closer cooperation in the future.

Volvo Trucks plant in Umeå has been appointed as the Group's center of competence in core processes such as pressing, cab assembly and finishing. Being a center of competence means that Volvo's foremost expertise in methods and techniques in these areas will be in Umeå and the strategic research and development initiatives in the area concentrated in the competence center. On December 11, the "Volvo Cab Competence Center" was inagurated.A cooperation agreement focusing on research, education and innovation has been signed with Umeå University. Researchers from Umit has been deeply involved in the process to match the company's long-term challenges against strong research and education areas at Umeå University and is part of the joint steering committee to develop further cooperation.
A first important results is the project "Finish Inspection and Quality Analysis" which addresses automated quality control in Volvo's paintings based on statistical analysis of large heterogeneous data sets. The project, in which Patrik Ryden, Jun Ya and Shafiq Ur Rehman participate from Umeå University, has a total budget of 14.5 million with the support of SEK 7.2 million from VINNOVA through the Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation Initiative (FFI).

Parallel to the new center, a pilot plant for experimental testing and verification of new product and process solutions is also stationed at Volvo in Umeå. This highly digitized infrastructure provides a unique platform for cooperation on computational methods and IT solutions for the future of manufacturing processes.For further information:
Umeå University strengthens its collaboration with the Volvo Group cab plant in Umeå

SEK 7 million to research collaboration with AB Volvo and Volvo Cars        

Editor: Mats Johansson