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Published: 2013-09-18

Sami issues to be discussed throughout 2014

NEWS Umeå2014 has reserved SEK 100,000 to partially finance a series of seminars regarding Sami issues. The seminars will be held throughout the entire Capital of Culture year with new topics for every Sami season.

The Swedish Sami National Association, SSR, and Center for Sami Research, CeSam – Vaartoe will together conduct eight seminars whit a common Sami theme. They will deal with both historical and current Sami topics. The lectures will be organised together with Såhkie – Umeå Sami Association.

The organisers want to increase the public knowledge about current Sami issues and about how the Swedish Sami politics have affected the Sami historically. Some of these topics will deal with the ethics in indigenous research, the state of predators, exploitation of land, government financed schools for Sami children and the online hatred against the Sami.

Every seminar will be arranged as a meeting between theory and practice and different involved parties, to create an extra dimension in the discussed topics.

The long term goal is to establish a forum where SSR and CeSam can collaborate and offer regular public lectures for the interested public, long after the Capital of Culture year in Umeå have ended.

Source: www.umea2014.se

Editor: Per Melander