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Published: 13 May, 2019

Sami Study Circle visiting Umeå university

NEWS Students from the human rights organisation Jus Humanis Human Rights Network at Lund university visited Vaartoe (Centre for sami research) and Arcum (Arctic Resarch Center) at Umeå University today as a part of their Sami research trip in Norrland.

Eight students from the Study Circle on the Sami people at Jus Humanis Human Rights Network visited Vaartoe and Arcum at Umeå university today to participate in lectures and meet the directors at both research centers. The students were given books to bring back to their library where they hope to start a Sami section.
Jus Humanis International Human Rights Network is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of universal human rights and democracy, through various means such as investigation, publication, research and seminars. Jus Humanis was founded in Lund, Sweden in December 2005, and the headquarters of the organization are based there.