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Published: 12 Dec, 2017

Scientific researchers' business ideas won prizes

NEWS Twelve promising companies have worked with their business ideas in the autumn in a new round of the Startup programme at Uminova Innovation in Umeå. The programme ended last week with Startup Demoday, a pitch competition, at Allstar in Umeå. Researchers from the Faculty of Science and technology won second and third prize.

Second came Barbara Terebieniec and Cristian Klein who developed a prototype of a smart freeze application, SmartFreeze. Barbara Terebieniec is a PhD student in plant molecular biology at Umeå University and Cristian Klein is a researcher at the Department of Computing Science at Umeå University. The prize money was SEK 10,000.

RoboticsUm - New robotics for automation won third prize and SEK 5,000. Behind the business idea is Leonid Freidovich, Artem Shiryaev and Anton Shiryaev. Leonid Freidovich is a senior lecturer at the Department of applied physics and electronics at Umeå University.

Winner was entrepreneur Raphaela Bieber Bardt with the company MetaDate. Her business idea is a browser extension that works as an invisible layer that you can draw on and share with others.

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Soon, Uminova Innovation will launch the admission process for the spring programme. If you have an innovative business idea, drive and want to develop it - apply! Read more.

Editor: Ingrid Söderbergh