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Published: 2019-03-01

Seminar about northern development strategies

NEWS On March 1 Linus Lundström, a PhD student at Charles Darwin University in Australia, held an interesing seminar about the northern development strategies: urban sponges, spillovers, and disconnected geographies.

As part of the Umeå Arctic Seminars series we had the pleasure to listen to Linus Lindström, a PhD student at Charles Darwin University in Australia, but residing at the Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University.

Linus research interests concern regional development, rurality and urbanisation, community empowerment, and the specifics of the Arctic context.

His PhD research is done as part of the Cities of the North project, and he is currently investigating and comparing regional development policies in sparsely populated northern regions across the globe, as well as university qualified labour migration patterns and urbanisation processes, with a focus on Västerbotten in Sweden, and Northern Australia in Australia.

The seminar challenged common knowledge about the role of the city, and discussed and compared various approaches to regional growth and development in several Northern jurisdictions in Scandinavia, North America and Australia.