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Published: 2020-05-20

Siemens Financial Services Best Student Thesis Award

NEWS Siemens Financial Services Best Student Thesis Award is awarded to Lovisa Kjerstensson and Hanna Nygren, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE). The thesis entitled “ESG Rating and Corporate Bond Performance: An analysis of the effect of ESG rating on yield spread” will be awarded 20,000 SEK.

This year's winners of the Siemens Financial Services Best Student Thesis Award, Lovisa Kjerstensson and Hanna Nygren.

It is the first time that the award is given and the purpose of the award is to stimulate and maintain students' interest in the area of finance / financial economics with potential positive impact on regional skills provision. The funding of the award, which is given as a scholarship, has been made possible by USBEs collaboration with Siemens Financial Services.

- We are very pleased to have entered into this collaboration with USBE and to give the award this year to a very well-written and interesting thesis that highlights a modern and prominent topic within the financial sector.

The jury mention in their decision that the winning thesis has well motivated and current research question, that is commendable analyzed with relevant methods. The thesis, that is well written, contribute with both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the relation between firms’ sustainability practices and cost of debt, as well as investors’ required risk premium for investing in corporate bonds.

The award winners would like to express their strongest gratitude to USBE  and Siemens Financial Services for awarding them with this scholarship. They are very happy and honored to receive this and the recognition makes all the work a little bit extra worth it!

They continue with:

- As we all are aware, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all areas of finance and we are happy to have been a part of contributing to research and discussions in the area. We hope that in the future many others will continue doing research within sustainable finance and we are glad that many great initiatives are taken to help us create a better future.” say the award winners.

The thesis supervisor was Associated Professor Catherine Lions. The thesis can be found in DiVA.