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Published: 2023-08-29

Student Welcome Fair coming up

NEWS On 7 September, this year’s Student Welcome Fair will showcase what Umeå University and Umeå town have to offer new students. You don’t want to miss it!

The fair offers a large number of exhibitors in and around the Universum Building, and you can get lots of useful information and inspiration for fun spare time activities. The idea is to make you feel welcome and inspired when taking on your new studies.

If you understand Swedish, you can listen to some short presentations on subjects that can come in handy for your time in Umeå. If you don’t, then take the opportunity to talk to the exhibitors and they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. Why not ask where to buy the best food, how to set up your studies in a smart way, or what our student unions have to offer. The role of student unions in Sweden is probably different from what you are used to. Make sure to take this opportunity to learn more.

“Our 130 exhibitors represent Umeå associations, companies, organisations, authorities and the University itself. They all look forward to inviting students to their activities,” says Annica Höglund, project manager of the Student Welcome Fair.

The Rotundan stage will also be home to dance performance, music and inspirational talks. And don’t miss the Snösvänget student orchestra performance at lunch time offering some nice jazz on the Campus Square outside of Universum.

“We hope that many of our new students will take the opportunity to check out the fair,” concludes Annica Höglund.

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