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Published: 2024-03-11 Updated: 2024-03-16, 09:11

Study to evaluate knowledge, awareness and practices of TBE vaccination

NEWS During this spring, a survey will be conducted among various professional groups, including forestry workers, farmers, hunters, conservationists and researchers working in the field. The aim is to evaluate knowledge, awareness and practices regarding TBE vaccination.

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is one of the most severe human tick-borne diseases in Europe. It is caused by the tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV), which is transmitted to humans mainly via bites of ticks. Most cases of TBE in humans occur during the summer and autumn. Outdoor workers who operate in and/or near areas with forests and parks face a higher risk of getting tick bites and at the same time they are exposed to a higher risk of contracting tick-borne diseases including TBE. In 2023, the number of TBE cases continued to rise, with approximately six hundred reported cases. This represents the highest number of reported cases to date, and the trend is spreading across large parts of Sweden more widely.

Vaccination is an effective means of protecting humans against TBE. To estimate the future risk of TBE in Sweden, it is crucial to assess the current vaccination coverage in the at-risk population.

Umeå University and the Swedish Veterinary Agency (SVA) collaborate on a pilot study regarding vaccination coverage for  TBE among outdoor workers. The research aims to assess the current vaccination status in the at-risk population, contributing to a better understanding of TBE risk within this target group in Sweden. 

The survey study has started

The study will conduct a survey in serveral different outdoor occupation groups, including forest workers, farmers, hunters, convervation workers and field researchers, to evaluate their knowleage, awareness and practice on TBE vaccination. The survey will open from 6th of March until 15 of June 2024. You are welcome to answer the survey if you are included in one of our target groups.

Link to the survey: https://survey.umu.se/Survey/10604 

Contact information

Junwen Guo
Staff scientist
Anna Omazic
Researcher, Swedish Veteranary Agency