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UCMR - Umeå Centre for Microbial Research

The Umeå Centre for Microbial Research, UCMR, is the "jewel in the crown" among Sweden's 40 national Linnaeus Centers of Excellence. UCMR promotes pioneering interdisciplinary molecular and translational microbial research and brings together nearly 70 active research groups in infection research at Umeå University.

What is going on?

New transporter for recycling of bacterial cell wall found

A transporter which some bacteria use to recycle fragments of their cell wall has been discovered in Umeå,

Researchers shed light on the structure of molecules in a newly built lab

Interdisciplinary project brings together research groups from all over Europe.

Emmanuelle Charpentier about her time after the Nobel Prize

What has the Nobel Prize meant and recent developments in CRISPR-Cas9. Watch an exclusive interview.


Get to know Laura Carroll – new UCMR PI
Published: 2023-01-27

UCMR PI Laura Carroll starts her own research group and is getting acclimated to the Swedish academic system.

Movements in proteins provide clues to antibiotic resistance
Published: 2023-01-27

Researchers at Umeå University have discovered how a certain type of protein moves for DNA to be copied.

Research to spread light on long COVID uncertainties
Published: 2023-01-26

Postcovid is a growing social problem, and we still know very little about it.

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