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Published: 2023-04-28

The Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Pedagogical Prize 2023

NEWS The Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Pedagogical Prize 2023 is awarded to Professor Stefan Sundgren and Associate Professor Jan Bodin. Both have a great commitment to student learning and in their respective teaching roles they motivate the students through both good subject knowledge and excellent teaching skills.

USBE annually announces a pedagogical award whose purpose is to encourage teachers who make good pedagogical contributions in undergraduate education and to stimulate pedagogical development at USBE. This year, the prize is awarded to two teachers. The decision on the laureates has been made by the school’s management team.

– Stefan Sundgren and Jan Bodin are both worthy winners of the pedagogical prize and it was difficult to distinguish between them based on the nominations and criteria. That's why we chose to nominate two laureates this year," says Sofia Lundberg, Dean of USBE.

Stefan Sundgren is Professor in business administration with a focus on accounting. Stefan is awarded the prize for sharing his subject knowledge in an engaging way and thereby awakens the students' desire to learn. The students emphasize Stefan's passion for the subject and his skill in sharing his knowledge and how his ability to engage the students during the lectures makes them involved in learning. Stefan also receives the award for his good ability to support student learning by clearly demonstrating the practical relevance of the subject.  

– Great, I appreciate this! Thank you, students who nominated me!
It is also you who give me motivation by showing that you are interested in learning what I teach.

Jan Bodin is an associate professor in business administration with a focus on marketing. During the past year, Jan has strongly contributed to the development of innovative learning activities within the framework of several marketing courses at both undergraduate and advanced level. Colleagues emphasize his enthusiasm for the constant development of courses and programs and his ability to engage and motivate them in development work. In his role as program coordinator for the professional degree program with specialization service management, Jan also contributes to program development and in that role, he collaborates with colleagues outside of USBE. Students describe that Jan's commitment and well-prepared, fun, and clear lectures contribute to learning.   

– I am honored to receive this recognition and want to express my gratitude to everyone that promoted my name for this award. I've been teaching since 1988 and it is still both fun and really rewarding to interact with all bright students that I meet at USBE.

Teachers and students at USBE nominated around 30 different teachers and teaching teams, which is significantly more than in previous years. HHUS organized a special nomination event and in connection with this, many students took the opportunity to nominate teachers.

– We are of course very pleased that so many of our teachers have been nominated for the pedagogical prize and it has been a joy to read all the great nominations, says Sofia Lundberg.

This year's prize money is SEK 20,000 each (gross) and it consists of a travel scholarship that can be used for conference participation, study visits or equivalent. The prize will be awarded in connection with the USBE Graduation ceremony on 2 June.


Stefan Sundgren
Professor (on leave)
Jan Bodin
Associate professor