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Published: 2023-06-26 Updated: 2023-06-27, 12:16

The rise of AI will diminish our confidence in the written word

NEWS The foundations of text creation have been shaken by the latest advancements in AI, potentially diminishing the necessity, capacity, and value of human writing. Professor Thomas Hellström, an expert in computer science, shares this concern in DN kulturdebatt.

Text: Thomas Hellström

The recent surge in the AI debate highlights the deep connection we have established between the written word and our perception of intelligence. For many years, computers have been capable of performing arithmetic operations billions of times faster than humans, yet we haven't considered them particularly intelligent based on this ability alone. However, with the emergence of computers that can write and comprehend text, speculation arises that they might surpass human intelligence. There is an unmistakable fascination with machines that can effectively handle language, as if we are reinterpreting Esaias Tegnér's notion that "what is clearly said is clearly thought."

When Chat GPT produces text that appears correct, we tend to perceive it as intelligent. Regardless of whether this perception is accurate, we have clearly encountered a sensitive issue with computers suddenly demonstrating competence in manipulating written language—a skill we have traditionally regarded as unique to human intelligence. What implications will this have for our self-perception as writers and our understanding of the written word?

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