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Published: 2013-09-13

Theatrical Fields

NEWS Theatrical Fields examines forms of artistic practice that make use of the theatrical in performance, film and video. The exhibition opens Sunday 29 September at 14:00 in the presence of artists Judith Barry, Stan Douglas, Isaac Julien, Constanze Ruhm and curator Ute Meta Bauer.

Developed as a research project by the curator Ute Meta Bauer, Theatrical Fields explores the analytical and political potential of theatricality through various manifestations ranging from an exhibition to public presentations, film programme to a live performance.

The exhibition brings together major video installations: “Voice off” by Judith Barry (USA), “Suspiria” by Stan Douglas (Canada), “Sister Squares” by Marcel Dzama (Canada), “Lines in the Sand” by Joan Jonas (USA), “Vagabondia” by Isaac Julien (UK) and “ X Characters RE(hers)AL” by Constanze Ruhm (Austria). Situated in juxtaposition, the works generate temporal spaces for experimental action and create unfamiliar proximities and encounters.

The exhibition also features a programme of films by Marie-Louise Ekman (Sweden), Eva Meyer/Eran Schaerf (Germany) and Ulrike Ottinger (Germany) screened on dedicated weekends and evenings in the presence of the artists. Related materials such as storyboards, sketchbooks, costumes, posters that constituted an important component in conception, production and dissemination of the films are presented in the exhibition. The video installations and selected films, introduce different methods and foreground various approaches, yet they all investigate the theatrical specific use of elements such as “character”, “voice”, “script”, “choreography” to deconstruct linear ascriptions and reconfigure them in nuanced positions of diversity.

The use of theatricality in the exhibited works, their influence on contemporary art and its theoretical discourse will be explored during two whole-day events featuring presentations by the artists and invited researchers on September 28th and October 26th. Please visit Bildmuseet’s website for conference programme and pre-registration.

As part of the public programme for the exhibition, Joan Jonas will perform the piece “Reanimation” with live music by jazz pianist Jason Moran. Based on the novel “Under the Glacier” by the Icelandic Nobel prize awarded author Halldór Laxness, “Reanimation” plays with ideas of collages and animation. The piece is presented by Bildmuseet on October 25th in collaboration with Umeå Jazz Festival.

Theatrical Fields is produced by Bildmuseet and curated by Ute Meta Bauer.
Assistant curator: Anca Rujoiu

For further information, please contact

Katarina Pierre, Director Bildmuseet+46 907869632

Editor: Helena Vejbrink