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Published: 18 Nov, 2014

Uglycute / Hamnmagasinet

NEWS During the autumn 2014, artists’ and architects’ collective Uglycute worked with a group of youths at Hamnmagasinet, a youth centre in Umeå. Together they developed ideas and created new furniture for activities at Hamnmagasinet. The result is now displayed in an exhibition at Bildmuseet.

The exhibition is installed on Thursday, November 20 and Friday, 21 November. Journalists are welcome to take part in the work process and to meet with Uglycute along with the young people involved. Please get in touch to find a suitable time.

The art educational project Uglycute/Hamnmagasinet is a collaboration between the Bildmuseet and Modern Museet during the Capital of Culture year in Umeå. The goal is to accommodate and encourage young people's thoughts and ideas about contemporary art and the museum as a venue. The aim is also to provide knowledge about artistic processes and to discuss what art can be.

Together with artist Jonas Nobel and architect Fredrik Stenberg from Uglycute, young people created a new stage and a back-drop to Hamnmagasinet’s café, the heart of the youth house. This is also where the new tables for creative activities will stand, like a piece of furniture for video games. The furniture reflects the many activities that young people engage in: music, poetry, circus and creative projects in various forms.

Uglycute works across borders to challenge and expand the concept of design. They do this through their own production but also through writing, teaching and workshops. The results of their meetings with young people in Umeå are displayed in an exhibition opening at Bildmuseet on 22 November. Visitors can see and listen to various bands playing, dance groups and associations from Hamnmagasinet.

The exhibition Uglycute / Hamnmagasinet is showing at Bildmuseet’s lower floor, in selected locations in the stairwell as well as in the museum shop until 7 December.

The art educational collaboration between Bildmuseet and Modern Museeet during the Capital of Culture year are included in the Museum Museum project, a development project for art and learning. Thanks to the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University.

For further information, please contact

Lisa Lundström, curator of education at Bildmuseet
090-786 70 12,

Editor: Helena Vejbrink