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Published: 20 Jun, 2018

UMA student became the Re-designer of the Year

NEWS Jessica Larsson and Eva Linestav are the winners of the Re-designer of the year. With their northern style "Mobile Barbecue location", created by only recycled materials, they took home the title on Thursday.

                                                                                                          Bild: UMEVA

As part of the project "European Waste Reduction" UMEVA organized the contest "Best Re-designer" at Hamnmagasinet, Umeå. The competition was to design the best new product of old waste material. The aim was to show how we can save the environment by taking advantage of products thrown in vain. The winner was the " Mobile Barbecue location " by Jessica Larsson, a student at the School of Architecture and her friend Eva Lidestav.

With humor and functionality they won the hearts of the jury:

"The work that gave us a good laugh and left us with reflection. Unexpected results, creative and functional. Great potential for development!
The “Mobile Barbecue location” has made us curious and we want to see how it does in its intended environment. "

A total of four teams competed with students from the Art, Design and the School of Architecture for the title of the Year Re-designer by designing a product from recycled waste materials.


Editor: Tina Andersson