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Published: 2013-04-22

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts / Farewell, my lovely

NEWS On Saturday 4 May at 14:00 Bildmuseet opens Farwell, my lovely, this year’s exhibition by the graduating students from the Master programme in Fine Arts at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.

Welcome to a press preview on Thursday 2 May at 10:00. After a short introduction to the exhibition the students will present their works.

The exhibition Farewell, my lovely presents fourteen graduate students who work in different media and with different artistic expressions: Josefin Bergman, Gabriel Bohm Calles, Arngrímur Borgþórsson, Jenny Carlsson, Kristoffer Grip, Andreas Knag-Danielsen, Caroline Ljuus, Elvine Lund, Anna Neander, Stina Persson, Tommy Persson, Julia Selin, Linus Svensson and Marte Edvarda Tidslewold.

The common feature in the exhibition is a desire to explore the modern humanbeings relationship with nature and its own body.

Farewell, my lovely is curated by Joakim Borda, Art critic and Curator based in Norway and Sweden. In the preface to the exhibition catalog, he writes:

"Contemporary art is undoubtedly the most accurate pointer to understanding our own time, if one is capable of interpreting the signals. During the so-called »Boom years« many of the excesses of the time were reflected through art, resulting in a celebration of the spectacular and often involving costly productions. This was followed by a somewhat more sober Do-It-Yourself attitude centring on issues of ethics, sustainability and community – vital issues in a growingly pessimistic society where consumption and welfare cannot be taken for granted anymore.

The dominating tendencies of the day, however, are not entirely certain. A sociologist might prove me right in thinking that we are experiencing an increasing search for moral compass and a turn towards inner values. Is it possible to create a strong community while retaining ones individuality? As a response to global ecological crisis, the fast consumer culture we are used to is being heavily questioned. The cultural effect so far seems to be a widespread nostalgia. Besides retro aesthetics and recycling trends, we can see a growing interest in locally produced goods and crafts.

Working with the graduation show Farewell, my lovely, and this catalogue, has reminded me of some of these signs of the times, through the grounded qualities of many of the works. We are already used to the renewed relevance of painting, but an interesting aspect is the returning presence of the landscape motif. And yet, in spite of sharing sensibilities the fourteen graduates represented possess strong individual voices as artists."
(Excerpt from the preface to the exhibition catalog by Curator Joakim Borda)

Supervisors at the Master programme in Fine Arts is Florian Zeyfang and Julia Peirone.


Thu 2 May at 10:00 Press previewSat 4 May at 14:00 OpeningSun 5 May at 14:00 Guided tour by Curator Joakim BordaTue 7 May at 18:30 Guided tour by some of the exhibiting artists
Sun 12 May at 14:00 Guided tour by some of the exhibiting artists

Further information

Lisa Lundström, Curator Bildmuseet
+46 90-786 7012

Editor: Helena Vejbrink