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Published: 23 Feb, 2009

Umeå Arts Campus to begin construction - a unique and creative environment

NEWS The University Board has recently approved the funding for a new "artistic campus" that when fully contructed, will comprise of 350 million swedish crowns over a six year period.

The campus is to be titled Umeå Arts campus (Konstnärligt campus in Swedish), and will be located by the banks of the Umeå River on the east side of town.

The campus is to function as a melting pot for education, research and professional development within architecture, design, art and new media. The vision is to produce a creative environment that will echo throughout the world.

Umeå Institute of Design and the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts are currently situated in this scenic area. The Umeå School of Architecture, which begins its activities in autumn 2009, will move to a new building on the campus. The Umeå Academy of Fine Arts will eventually relocate to a modern new building. Furthermore, a multipurpose building will be the new home of Bildmuseet, the university's museum of contemporary art and visual culture, and HumLab-X platform for the humanities and new media.

A high resolution image of the planned Umeå Arts Campus

Glossary of terms:Arkitekthögskola = Umeå School of ArchitectureBildmuseum = Umeå University Museum of Contemporary Art and Visual CultureCykel- och gångbro = Bicycle and Pedestrian BridgeDesignhögskola = Umeå Institute of DesignFramtida etapp = Future phaseKonsthögskola = Umeå Academy of Fine ArtsKrykbron = Church BridgeLänsresidens = County Governor's Residence
Umeå stadskyrka = Umeå City Church

Editor: David Meyers