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Published: 20 Oct, 2015

Umeå University still in third place

NEWS For Spring term 2016 a total of 41,732 applications to Umeå University’s programmes and courses have been registered before the final application date, making Umeå the third most attractive place to study in Sweden when it comes to total number of applicants.

“Statistics on applicants give a feel for how attractive and popular Umeå University is among prospective students. It is gratifying to the university and the region at large that Umeå University takes third place in the country,” says Anders Fällström, Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for education at Umeå University.

In the country at large, the number of applicants to the educations this spring has increased by 2 per cent. The total number of applicants at Umeå University has only reduced by a hundred in comparison to last year. Despite a minimal decrease, Umeå University still holds third place in the country. Most applicants turn to Uppsala University, followed by Stockholm University.

20,087 people applied to Umeå University as a first choice, which provides Umeå University with a fourth position in the country. In comparison to last year, 158 fewer people have applied Umeå as their first choice.

The number of first choice applicants to Umeå University’s educational programmes is 2,514 which means an approximately increase of 4 per cent applicants to programmes compared to last year. Most first choice applicants apply to the study programmes to become a doctor, social worker, nurse, dentist or psychologist.

“The steady number of applicants to Umeå University’s programmes shows that the solid work in developing our choice of educations and our communications around our educations is yielding result,” continues Anders Fällström.

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Editor: Anna Lawrence