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Published: 2024-02-20 Updated: 2024-03-18, 13:26

Umeå University tops international student satisfaction survey

NEWS Umeå University has reason to celebrate as its international students have bestowed the institution with outstanding ratings across various categories in the recently conducted International Student Barometer (ISB). Umeå University has been ranked first of all participating universities in the world for student satisfaction, living and support.

Umeå University clinches the top spot in three out of five main categories: living, support, and overall satisfaction. Umeå University’s commitment to providing a creative learning environment for students has been recognized. Students praise the quality of life in Umeå and the excellent support services offered by the university.

The survey was responded by international students from 137 universities worldwide during the autumn of 2023, making it a robust assessment of student experiences on a global scale. Within Sweden, 10 universities contributed valuable insights, emphasizing the significance of Umeå University’s achievements.

Our international students are integral to our vibrant academic community

Professor Cathrine Norberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University, expresses her gratitude to the students and emphasizes the university’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the student experience. “Our international students are integral to our vibrant academic community,” she says. “Their feedback drives continuous improvement, and we are thrilled to see their positive evaluations.”

The highest global marks for overall happiness

Not only did Umeå University excel within its walls, but it also garners the highest global marks for overall happiness. More so, 86,2% of the international students would recommend us to friends and family, making it the highest score among the Swedish universities and number 5 in Europe. In terms of career goal preparation, Umeå University landed the top spot in both Sweden and Europe.

The key to the good result is a good and engaging collaboration that exists beyond the entire university.

“It is gratifying that our international students are so satisfied with their studies here at Umeå University and the experience they get regarding the practical and social aspects that are important to life as a student, especially for international students who are neither used to the Swedish education system nor to life in Sweden”, says Ingrid Svensson, Head of the International Office. “I believe that the key to the good result is a good and engaging collaboration that exists beyond the entire university, that makes it possible for our international students to experience everything that Umeå University and Umeå can offer”.

International Student Barometer 2023 Highlights

The main categories Umeå University were ranked number 1 globally

  • Living
  • Support
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Including #1 globally for “Overall happiness”

A few examples of highly ranked sub-categories for Umeå University

  • University Library (support): #1 in Sweden, #4 Globally
  • Physical Library Facilities: #1 in Sweden, #5 Globally
  • Learning Spaces: #1 in Sweden, #3 Globally
  • Sports facilities: #1 Globally
  • Face-to-face Orientation: #1 in Sweden, #3 in Europe
  • Student Health Care Service: #1 in Sweden, #2 Globally
  • International Office: #1 in Sweden
  • Living cost: #1 in Sweden

High response rate

Umeå University achieved an impressive 62% response rate, with a total of 425 student responses. This substantial engagement underlines our international students’ eagerness to share their perspectives and contribute to continuous improvement. In total, the survey had 121,418 respondents, globally.

The International Student Barometer serves as a valuable tool for universities to assess their performance and identify areas for growth. Umeå University’s success in this survey underscores its dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for students from around the world. 

For questions, contact:

Ingrid Svensson
Head of office

About the ISB

The ISB 2023 Wave 2 survey was developed and administered by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) - an independent benchmarking and research service - and has been responded by exchange students and other international students. A total of 121,418 students from 137 institutions globally participated in the International Student Barometer survey during October to December of 2023.