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Published: 21 Mar, 2011

Umeå's future to be discussed at School of Architecture

NEWS Umeå's goal is to be 200,000 inhabitants in 2050. How can the city grow in a way that involves its residents? Can we create an integrated Umeå while preserving the city's authenticity? On 22 March, Umeå School of Architecture is organizing a symposium on the future of Umeå featuring several interesting speakers.

Umeå is sometimes described as a European model city. It is growing, has a young population and large undeveloped areas. The city has many strong points, but how can we take advantage of the positive qualities in Umeå and develop it into a major city?

The symposium titled "Rethinking Umeå" is about observing our growing city from a social perspective. Both national and international architects and researchers will be attending. In addition, students from the Umeå School of Architecture's will present their vision for the future development of Umeå.

The symposium will be held in English. Journalists and the general public are welcome to attend.

Time: Tuesday 22 March, 9.00-17.00
Place: Theatre, Umeå School of Architecture

For further information, please contact:

Jana Revedin, Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå UniversityTelephone: +46 (0)90-7866865

Interdisciplinary Urban Planning Symposium RETHINKING UMEÅ


9.00hWelcome by Anders Fällström, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Umeå University

9.15h“New Strategies for Umeå”, by Olle Forsgren, City Architect Umeå
10.00h“Architecture Stockholm, planning in progress”, by Karolina Keyzer, City Architect Stockholm


11.00h“A region in need for urbanity – making urbanity for the region”, by Lars Westin, Centre for Regional Science Umeå University


14.00h“Population Thinking in Urbanism”, by Peter Trummer, University of Innsbruck14.45h Walter Unterrainer, director of the Master Class in Sustainable Production:
Student presentation UMA Master students works 2010-2011


15.30h Jana Revedin, program director Bachelor Program:
Student presentation UMA Bachelor students works 2010-2011

16.00hRound table chaired by Peter Kjaer & Jana Revedin

Lena Gustafsson, Vice-Chancellor Umeå University - Marie-Hélène Contal, Deputy Director French Institute of Architecture Paris - Karolina Keyzer - Lars Westin - Olle Forsgren - Peter Trummer - Ola Nordebo, Editor "Västerbottens-Kuriren" - Master Class and Bachelor Students

Editor: Karin Wikman