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Published: 05 Mar, 2019

USBE Innovation Camp 2019

NEWS Together with industry, this intense 2,5-day Innovation Camp aims to provide students taking the Innovation Management course at USBE with real world experience working with leading companies in their industries where they will be challenged to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

This year, the USBE is again collaborating with MacGregor, a leading supplier of intelligent maritime cargo and load handling equipment and solutions, and Umeå Energi, a sustainability-driven energy and communications company, to bring the student diverse challenges, sure to put their skills to the test and allow them to work on problems with real world importance.

As a student at the USBE, this event is an excellent opportunity to utilize and develop skills and knowledge while working in teams, get hands-on practical experience solving real problems with leading companies, expand the network of industry contacts, and get feedback from industry professionals; including a certificate for the winning team.



During the first half day, the students are divided evenly between MacGregor and Umeå Energi before being given an introductory lecture to the companies and their industries. The students will then be left to ponder until the next morning when the Innovation Camp truly begins.

On Wednesday, 13th of March, the day will begin with the students assembling into their pre-assigned groups of 5 before the companies present the problem statements which will direct the students towards creating innovative solutions. Materials and suggestions for basic prototyping will be provided and the students are encouraged to use this to create a visualization of their idea.

This continues into the second day, 14th of March, where the ideas generated during the first day will be developed further with the assistance of industry representatives and USBE faculty. The day will be concluded with 3-minute pitches of their ideas.

"Vardagsrummet" in the newly renovated Humanities Building provides a creative, practical setting for the two days, with open spaces for brainstorming, isolated rooms for more in-depth development, and an all-round fun, collaborative atmosphere with the representatives from MacGregor and Umeå Energi.

The final pitches will occur the following week, when the student will have the opportunity to travel to their respective companies' offices to present their ideas in front of a panel consisting of industry representatives and USBE faculty. The best idea will then be awarded with a certificate from the company, showing their status as winner.


Peter Gustafsson,, +46 70-534 74 02
Zsuzsanna Vincze,, +46 72-223 64 50