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Published: 17 May, 2021

USBE Scientific Award 2021

NEWS USBE Research Institute introduced the USBE Scientific Award in Business Administration, Economics and Statistics in 2017. This year we have two recipients and we congratulate Tetiana Gorbach, Department of Statistics and Oscar Stålnacke, Department of Business Administration. The award celebrates scientific writing and distinguishes high-quality research in the field of business administration, economics and statistics.

Tetiana Gorbach is the recipient of the 2021 USBE Scientific Award in Statistics

Tetiana Gorbach is awarded the USBE Scientific Award for her research on methods to handle missing data in longitudinal studies. Her methods have been developed in particular for longitudinal studies of the brain (brain imaging data) and cognition in older populations.

She has for instance studied brain connectivity and its changes through time in relation to cognitive abilities. The methods developed by Gorbach are however general and can be applied to, e.g., studies where partial correlations are estimated on incomplete data, or longitudinal studies with dropout.

Despite her short career, Gorbach has already published 9 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, both within the statistical sciences and the neurosciences. She is currently collaborating with neuroscientists and statisticians, both in Umeå, Uppsala, Stockholm and Finland, and she is involved in several externally funded projects.


"It is a great honor for me to receive the USBE Scientific Award 2021.  I would like to express my gratitude to the Department of Statistics for the opportunity to be a part of our friendly and inspiring department family. Thank you to my supervisors and all collaborators for our numerous fruitful discussions and your effort to achieve the best results!"

Oscar Stålnacke is the recipient of the 2021 USBE Scientific Award in Business Administration

Oscar Stålnacke is awarded the USBE Scientific Award for his research on investors' expectations and financial behaviors. Stålnacke has, for example, explored how trust and sociability impact stock-portfolio returns. Stålnacke's research is important for understanding how and why the individual behind financial decisions impacts the stock portfolios and why some stock portfolios are more successful than others.

During his relatively short academic career, Oscar Stålnacke has already published four peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, a book chapter and presented his research at multiple conferences. He has also received funding from numerous funding agencies, received an award for his research, and been co-section head of the accounting/finance section at the Department of Business Administration.


"I feel glad and honored for receiving the prize and wants to thank the USBE research institute for the award."