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USBE Research Institute

The USBE Research Institute was founded in order to promote research within USBE. The institute may award funding to individual researchers and research groups in internal competition on two occasions each year. In particular, funding is provided to strengthen new/emerging research areas ("seed money"), to support activities related to existing research programs, and to strengthen research collaboration with stakeholders.

USBE Scientific Award

USBE Research Institute introduced the USBE Scientific Awards in Business Administration, Economics and Statistics in 2017.
The idea behind the scientific awards is to celebrate scientific writing and to distinguish high-quality research in the field of the listed disciplines.

USBE Research Institute awards for 2023

Ulrika Leijerholt, Business Administration
Hanna Lindström, Economics

USBE Research Institute awards for 2022

Elin Nilsson, Business Administration
Fei Xu, Economics
Gabriel Wallin, Statistics

USBE Research Institute awards for 2021

Oscar Stålnacke, Business Administration
Tetiana Gorbach, Statistics

USBE Research Institute awards for 2020

Medhanie Gaim, Business Administration
Sonal Yadav, Economics
Anita Lindmark, Statistics

USBE Research Institute awards for 2019

Tatbeeq Raza Ullah, Business Administration
Emma Persson, Statistics
Mattias Vesterberg, Economics

USBE Research Institute awards for 2018

Lina Schelin, Statistics
Herman Stål, Business Administration

USBE Research Institute awards for 2017

Galina Biedenbach, Business Administration
Andrius Kazukauskas, Economics
Jenny Häggström, Statistics

The Institute's organisation

The institute is governed by a steering committee chaired by the Dean of USBE and the research heads of each USBE department. The Committee is assigned to make decisions regarding applications and to follow up the result from previous allowances. Furthermore, the steering committee should discuss the general aim and direction of the Institute and anchor its activities within USBE.

The steering committee:

Professor Sofia Lundberg, Dean of USBE and Chair of Committee
Professor Markus Hällgren, Business Administration
Professor Tomas Sjögren, Economics
Professor Xavier de Luna, Statistics
Sandra Sjöström, Secretary

Latest update: 2023-09-18