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Published: 30 May, 2018

USBE Scientific Awards

NEWS USBE Scientific Award is awarded by the USBE Research Institute and the idea with the scientific awards is to celebrate scientific writing and distinguishes high-quality research in the field of Business Administration, Economics and Statistics.The recipients for 2018 are Associated Professor Herman Stål, Business Administration, and PhD Lina Schelin, Statistics.

The recipients of the awards will receive their diplomas and a travel grant of 10 000 SEK at the USBE Graduation Ceremony June 1, and they will present their research for USBE faculty and staff in connection with the Christmas celebration in December this year.

Herman Stål is rewarded with the USBE scientific award for his many efforts and active commitment to research at the Department of Business and Administration. His research focuses on how businesses address issues concerning the natural environment and relies on institutional, entrepreneurial and business models-perspectives to understand such activities. He has shown that he is capable both of independent work and national/international collaborations.

Lina Schelin’s research includes innovative statistical method development in functional data analysis, with applications in human movement disorders. Lina performs interdisciplinary research in collaboration with researchers in physiotherapy. In 2016, Lina received an establishment grant from the Swedish Research Council. She has a number of publications in high impact scientific journals, with one paper reaching over 70 citations.