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Published: 2021-04-22

USE celebrates 10 years of its international journal Education Inquiry

In 2020 Education Inquiry celebrated its 10 years anniversary, with the publication of 340 open access articles since the publication of its first issue in 2010.

The journal is funded by Umea School of Education (USE).

It is one of the first high-quality open access publications in the field.

"We kick-off the second decade of the journal by publishing two editorial pieces, aiming to present Education Inquiry to old and new readers and setting out our ambitions for the future", says Nafsika Alexiadou, one of the journas editors. 

As a special celebration plan the editors have put together a list of published articles from the journal since the original volume from 2010. The intention is to let these articles illustrate the richness and diversity of education research areas, methodologies, and spread of authors from within and beyond Sweden and thereby show the range and scope of Education Inquiry in its first ten volumes.

"We have selected an article from each year of publication, separate from the ‘most cited’ or ‘most read’ lists that the publishers already highlight. This was a difficult selection to make from a pool of over three hundred excellent quality publications, and there are many more to be (re)discovered and highlighted from the 44 issues published so far", says Linda Rönnberg, the second editor of the journal.

Find the selection of articles on the journals webpage