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Published: 2023-09-13

Virus researcher Niklas Arnberg almost viral

NEWS Professor Niklas Arnberg, Department of Clinical Microbiology at Umeå University, has recently received an EU grant for his virus research. In addition, he participates in Swedish UR play science programme Sverige forskar, where he talks about future possibilities for effective treatment of the common cold.

The EU grant from the European Innovation Office aims to develop "intelligent adenovirus-based vectors" for clinical applications. A total of approximately 4 million euros is granted, of which Umeå University's and Niklas Arnberg's share is approximately SEK 5 million.

In UR play’s programme, Niklas Arnberg tells, among other things, how he and other researchers at Umeå University are taking a closer look at sialic acid, a natural substance found in the body. With the help of that, they will try to develop an effective medicine against the cold virus.

Watch the science programme Sverige forskar (4.5 minutes, in Swedish)