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Published: 2021-01-14

What effect does the new pandemic legislation have on Umeå University?

NEWS The Swedish Government has brought in new legislation due to COVID-19 that took effect on 10 January. However, this legislation does not apply to education and research at the University.

Text: Anna Lawrence

The so-called Pandemilagen – Förordningen (2021:8) om särskilda begränsningar för att förhindra spridning av sjukdomen covid-19 – involves restrictions in the number of participants at public gatherings and events otherwise in the Public Order Act (1993:1617), and affects recreational premises such as gyms, sport facilities and public baths, as well as trading venues such as shops and shopping centres and premises for private gatherings.

Umeå University’s activities, such as education and research, does not constitute public gatherings or events in which the public has access. Our education and research cannot be considered recreational activities, a trading venue or a place for private gatherings in the pandemic legislation.

Hence, the legislation does not apply to our education and research. The requirements of stating a maximum number of visitors to our premises and each individual having at least 10 square metres is not applicable to the university’s teaching and research activities.

Through making various decisions, the university has adapted its activities according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations to prevent the spread of disease. The measures that the Vice-Chancellor has already taken are assessed to meet the requirements of the current situation of the pandemic. The measures that the Vice-Chancellor has reached thus far are hence valid without alterations.

Stay updated on Find the current decisions under Decisions.

Read the legislation (2021:8)