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Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office's main mission is to process human resource management, which involves development of HR policies, employment issues, organisational development and salary administration.

The task consists of

  • develop the employer policy and employer brand and ensure coordinated employer operations
  • develop and ensure leadership and qualifications development
  • development of work environment and health
  • equality, equal opportunity and equal treatment
  • development of systems and running PA (software system for HR) /HR support
  • pensions- and salary administration
  • ensure that laws, policies and rules in the HR area are followed

Appointment procedure for teachers at Umeå University

The Human Resources Office consists of two units, HR and Organisational Development and Salary Administration. We are also responsible for international staff support.

Personnel and Organisational Development

Personnel and Organizational Development (POU) are working mainly with HRM related questions and provides advice, support and service to both managers and employees at all levels of the organization.

Our premises are located with the university administration, in Förvaltningshuset.

Our field of work is:
Labour legislation and job security issues
Issues of inclusion
International staff support
Equal opportunity
Qualifications development
Leadership development
Salary structure
Adaptation and career coaching
Organisation development
Personnel planning
Working environment issues of psychosocial nature
Rehabilitation issues
Cooperation and negotiation with employer organisations
Shortage of work and redundancy
Development, information and support regarding our workforce management system and recriutment system

Salary Administration

The unit's main duty is to administer salaries and pensions.
We use the personnel- and salary system Primula for our daily work. We pay salaries and other expenses for about 5 000 people each month. We are located in Förvaltningshuset, west wing, floor 4. This is what we do:

Administration of salaries

  • Salaries, fees, scholarships and expenses
  • Interpret agreements and rules, inform and decide on measures for salary administration
  • Implement changes in laws, agreements and rules
  • Develop the usage of the Administrative self service system for personnel – PASS
  • Inform employees and employer organisations within our field of action
  • Pass on Umeå university's statutory and contractual fees and taxes
  • Give special support to the institutions when employing foreign nationals
  • Compile statistics and supporting documents from the systems for personnel administration
  • Instruct users of Primula and PASS
  • Administer notifications on compensation for work related injuries according to the Personal injury agreement (PSA)



  • Group life insurance and insurance for business trips


System administration

  • The personnel and salary system Primula


Administration of pensions

  • To update personnel rolls
  • Pensions and sickness pensions
  • "Ardour and loyalty in the service of the crown"

International Staff Support

We offer support to new international researchers and staff members during recruitment, relocation and introduction at Umeå University. International Staff Support is the Euraxess Centre at Umeå University. We support researcher mobility in cooperation with other universities in Europe.

Our staff


Anna Mothander, human resources strategist
Birgitta Berglund, system specialist, payroll specialist
Britta Lundgren, senior consultant

I am a Professor of Ethnology since 1999. My main research interests are gender studies, medical humanities and One Health. During the years 2016-2018, I am a member of the board of Swedish Research Council.

Carina Mattsson, human resources strategist
Jeanette Lövqvist, human resources strategist
Johanna Köpsen, human resources strategist
Jonas Lidström, other position

Communications officer working in the Human Resources Office.

Lars Mähler, human resources strategist
Lars Nordlander, Human Resources Director

PhD in Social Science in 2006. Director of Human Resources at Umeå University since January 2016. Before that I was Head of department at the department of Social Work at Umeå University.

Linda Johnson, human resources strategist
Linda Taawo, human resources specialist
Matts Björklund, senior consultant

I am a psychologist, working with Management and Leadership training at Umeå University, and career support for reseachers through ReaL, the Research & Leadership Programme. 

Mikael Nygren, human resources strategist
Mona Ståhl, payroll specialist
Pernilla Jansson, human resources strategist
Rosita Nilsson, human resources strategist
Sara Rambe, administrator (absent)
Susanne Sundqvist, human resources strategist
Tatja Anundsson, human resources specialist
Thomas Wahlström, other position

General study guidance for students and the general public 

Torbjörn Forsberg, human resources strategist
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Open positions

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Living in Umeå

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