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Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office is responsible for coordinating and developing Umeå University’s employer policy and for ensuring the authority meets its employer responsibilities. The overall goal for the office is for Umeå University to be an attractive workplace for current and future employees. We work strategically to develop all areas of human resources and are responsible for reviewing university-wide policy documents, processes and system support related to human resources.

See our staff directory for contact information for our staff members.

Head of the Human Resources Office is Lars Nordlander.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about:

  • Payroll administration
  • Organisational and social work environment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strategic talent acquisition
  • National and international recruitment
  • Onboarding course for new staff members
  • Leadership and leadership training
  • Professional development and career development
  • Labour law
  • Contract and salary negotiations
  • Retraining and preferential rights

This is how we are organised

The Human Resources Office is organised into five areas with responsibility for different HR issues and a management group. Read more about the responsibilities of each area and their contact persons.
Talent acquisition and leadership development

This area includes recruitment, onboarding, professional and career development, and leadership development.

Payroll Administration

We manage salary payments and provide consultative support on general agreements and taxes.

Work environment, health and equal opportunities

We support the University’s managers in the systematic work within work environment and equal opportunities.

Employer issues – labour law, negotiation and transition

Our work is intended to help Umeå University be seen as an attractive workplace.

HR support for administration and joint functions

We support managers in all HR matters and administer cases in the Administration’s collaborative group.

Management team

The management team has the overall responsibility for leading and developing the work.