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Staff at the Human Resources Office


Anna Mothander
Birgitta Berglund

Areas of work:

-System administration for Primula / PASS

-Manager for the payroll administration's pages on the employee website.

-Manages salaries for mostly institutions within the administration.

Carina Mattsson

I am HR Strategist at the Office for Human Resources. My main area is strategic competence supply in general and recruitment of researchers and teachers in particular.


Cecilia Norberg
Elizabet Westerlund

I work as a press officer at the Human Resources Office for different HR related projects. I also work part-time as a press officer for the International Office.

Ennie Boberg
Jeanette Lövqvist
Johanna Köpsen
Lars Mähler
Lars Nordlander

PhD in Social Science in 2006. Director of Human Resources at Umeå University since January 2016. Before that I was Head of department at the department of Social Work at Umeå University.

Linda Bergéli
Linda Johnson
Linda Taawo
Matts Björklund
Mona Ståhl
Per Sandin
Pernilla Jansson
Pernilla Jonsson
Robert Hallöf
Rosita Nilsson

Supporting departments and new international staff and accompanying partners.

Susanne Sundqvist
Tatja Anundsson
Torbjörn Forsberg

I support the departments, new international staff and accompanying partners during the recruitment, relocation and introduction phase (International Staff Support).